Our Radiotherapy Center for Animals

Unique in southern Germany

Tumor diseases are among the most frequent causes of death in pets. In addition to surgery and chemotherapy, radiotherapy is one of the most important treatment methods. In many cases, these forms of therapy are combined, for example by radiotherapy after surgical interventions. In this way, a complete remission of the tumor can often be achieved.

The radiotherapy center for animals on the VET Campus in Stockach is the only one of its kind in the whole of southern Germany. Here in the state-of-the-art radiation oncology unit of the Hegau-Bodensee Veterinary Clinic, we primarily treat tumors in small animals such as dogs and cats. In addition, radiotherapy is also suitable for the treatment of benign clinical pictures such as arthrosis.

Radiotherapy with Linear Accelerator

At the Hegau-Bodensee Veterinary Clinic, we use the ELEKTA Infinity HD linear accelerator for radiotherapy. This device is state-of-the-art in today’s veterinary medicine and generates beams with energy in the megavolt range. Thus, for one, accelerated electrons can be used for the direct irradiation of superficial tumors or scars. For another, photons can be generated with which deeper-lying tumors can also be irradiated. Another decisive advantage is that the use of a high-quality accelerator with dynamic beam collimation and volumetric rotational irradiation significantly reduces side effects.