Asto-CT Equina™

The unique high-end CT for horses in Europe.
Performable without general anesthesia and under full leg loading.

In addition to the precise analysis of bone and soft tissue, Asto-CT Equina™ offers the possibility to examine limbs in a standing horse under full load – safely, easily, quickly and gently without general anesthesia. High-end CT thus not only creates the basis for optimal treatment, but also for the precise appraisal of racing and dressage horses in particular.

Until now, this diagnostic innovation has only been used at university locations in Wisconsin and Minnesota (USA) and Melbourne (Australia). Now this milestone in veterinary medicine is also available at the Hegau-Bodensee Veterinary Clinic on the VET campus in Stockach.

Asto-CT Equina™ is a high-quality multi-slice helical CT that enables simultaneous imaging of two limbs of a standing, lightly sedated equine patient. It uses 24 detector rows with rapid rotation (1 second) for volumetric imaging of 36 slices per second. In addition to diagnosing and treating diseases of the distal limbs, the Asto-CT Equina™ mobile scanning unit allows the same diagnostics to be performed for the head and neck.